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Important Dates

15 August announcement, call for paper opens
15 September registration opens
31 December notification on the acceptance for oral/poster presentation
31 January closing date for full paper submission (participants with oral presentation and full paper published in proceedings)
28 February editorial/reviewer comments on full papers
15 March final date for resubmission of accepted (corrected) full papers; closing date for registration and payment with presentation
31 March announcement of final program of the conference
15 May final date for registration without presentation
2-4 Jun LQ2015 Conference and Thematic Workshops

Advisory Board

  • Xiubin Li, co-chair                    Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Luca Montanarella, co-chair  European Commission, Joint Research Centre
  • Tamás Németh, co-chair      Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Luca Marmo                                Europen Commission, DG Environment
  • Ronald Vargas                            Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations
  • Vladimir Stolbovoy                 Dokuchaev Soil Institute
  • Xiangbin Kong                           China Agricultural University
  • Marcel Ernens                            European Commission, Eurostat
  • Csaba Gyuricza                          Szent István University
  • Zoltán Tóth                                  University of Pannonia
  • Jaume Fons-Esteve                European Topic Centre on Land Use and Sp. Information
  • Stephen Nortcliff                     University of Reading
  • Wu Zhifeng                                 Guangzhou University
  • Winfried Blum                           University of Life Sciences, Vienna
  • Zhang Qingyuan                      South-West University of China
  • András Makó                              Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Nicola Filippi                              Regione Emilia-Romagna, D.G. Environment
  • László Pásztor                           Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Josef Kozak                                Czech University of Life Sciences
  • Borut Vrščaj                                Agricultural Institute of Slovenia
  • Ferenc Máté                               University of Pannonia
  • Mariam Akhtar-Schuster    DesertNet International
  • Bin Zhang                                    Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Organizer Institutions

UP_logo_szines  JRC_logo_color    georgikon      University of Pannonia , Georgikon Faculty

JRC_logo_colorJRC_logo_color              Joint Research Centre

EEA_logo                                    European Environmental Agency

CAS_logo                                   Chinese Academy of Sciences  Institute of Soil Science


                                                                  Sino-EU Panel on Land and Soil




I. Land quality

  •  existing knowledge and scientific challenges
  •  system approach and integrated land quality assessment

 II. Land cover dynamics

  • detection (remote sensing) and analysis
  • the effect of climate change
  • socioeconomic drivers and consequences

III. Land and soil in the hydrological cycle

  • the role of soil water in runoff, nutrient availability and biochemical fluxes

IV. Landscape planning and land allocation

  • spatial optimisation of land functions

V. Towards a net zero land degradation word

  • from assessment to implementation

VI. Sustainable intensification

  • soil and land management strategies and techniques

VII. Data management and land information systems

  • land quality and cadastral maps
  • farming data

 VIII. Economic land evaluation

 IX. Global issues, local processes and solutions

  • climate, biodiversity, desertification