I. Land quality

  •  existing knowledge and scientific challenges
  •  system approach and integrated land quality assessment

II. Land cover dynamics

  • detection (remote sensing) and analysis
  • the effect of climate change
  • socioeconomic drivers and consequences

III. Land as a resource

  • linking land cover dynamics, population change, innovation and jobs creation for the benefit of local economy

IV. Landscape planning and land allocation

  • spatial optimisation of land functions

V. Land and soil in the hydrological cycle

  • the role of soil water in runoff, nutrient availability and biochemical fluxes

VI. Towards a net zero land degradation word

  • from assessment to implementation

VII. Sustainable intensification

  • soil and land management strategies and techniques

VIII. Data management and land information systems

  • land quality and cadastral maps
  • farming data

 IX. Economic land evaluation

 X. Global issues, local processes and solutions

  • climate, biodiversity, desertification