Background / Goals


Land quality is regarded as an integrated measure of different aspects of land ecosystem services.

Although land is an indispensable economic resource and an essential element in the ecological system, so far there is no comprehensive information on land quality and its changes in Europe and globally. Without this information it will be difficult – if not impossible – to assess the feasibility and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals related to land.

In order to optimize the utilisation of production potential and environmental services of agriculture and to enhance the competitiveness of farms and other land dependent enterprises, new information on soil resources and land quality and novel approaches of land information management are as well needed.

Scientific assessment of changing land quality and underlying landscape processes is essential to produce such information.



The conference is organized to facilitate the exchange of information and views among scientists and stakeholders involved in land resources research, land management and land use policy planning.

Exchange of experiences on the conference can contribute to an enhanced understanding on the role of land quality in rural systems; underlying processes, direction, speed and consequences of changes in land quality.

The conference also aims to provide a platform to overview the progress in the development of land information, land registries, land use planning and related services based on land quality on different levels; from farm to global.

The conference also provides an umbrella to the seminar of “Sino-EU Panel on Land and Soil” and the scientific meeting of the “Danube Land and Soil Nexus” of the European Union.