LQ2011 Presentations

Attila István Simon, Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, Hungary The significance of land classification data and land lease registration in Hungary  images_pdf_mod2
Jan Szyszko, Member of Parliament, Sejm – Polish Parliament Spatial management – an opportunity for economic growth and biodiversity protection in rural areas. State and local authorities responsibility  images_pdf_mod2
Michael Hamell, Head, DG Environment (EC), Agriculture, Forests and Soil Unit The contribution of EU policies on environment and agriculture to land quality
Marcel Ernens, Head, EUROSTAT (EC) – Farms, Agro-environment and Rural Development Statistics Unit Sound statistical information on land use and land cover in the EU  images_pdf_mod2
Parviz Koohafkan, Director, FAO, Land and Water Division, United Nations The State of the World Land and Water Resources; Systems at Risk  images_pdf_mod2
Anton Reinl, Senior Expert, Copa-Cogeca Farmers’ contribution to soil protection  images_pdf_mod2
Pierre Stengel, Scientific Director, (INRA) Environment, cultivated and natural ecosystems Soil degradation, a vital and neglected issue for our future  images_pdf_mod2
György Várallyay Challenge of sustainable development to a modern land evaluation system  images_pdf_mod2
Ascaso, E., Olarieta, J.R. and Rodríguez-Ochoa R. Soil quality: a step back in land evaluation  images_pdf_mod2
Bashanova, O., Rocca, A., Peccol, E. and Danuso F. Parameter sensitivity analysis for the validation of land evaluation procedures  images_pdf_mod2
Mikheeva, I. Probabilistic Indicators for Soil Status Evaluation  images_pdf_mod2
Jan Szyszko Animals as bioindicators of ecological landscape or how to use Climate Change Convention for biodiversity protection  images_pdf_mod2
Palmieri, A., Martino,L., Dominici P. and Kasanko M. Land Cover and Land Use Diversity Indicators in LUCAS 2009 data  images_pdf_mod2
Csathó, P. and Radimszky L. Towards sustainable agricultural NP turnover in the EU 27 countries  images_pdf_mod2
Nestroy, O. The soil as a long-term(bio)indicator  images_pdf_mod2
Luca Marmo The latest developments on the implementation of the Soil Thematic Strategy of the European Commission  images_pdf_mod2
Mark Kibblewhite Risk-based definition of priority areasfor soil protection  images_pdf_mod2
Verdoodt, A. and Van Ranst E. Belgian soil inventory and monitoring incentives for the assessment of soil quality and soil degradation  images_pdf_mod2
Ivits, E., Cherlet, M., Tóth, G., Tóth, T., Lewinska, K. Regional differences of salinity driven soil productivity decline in major climatic regions of Europe assessed by remote sensing  images_pdf_mod2
Burghardt, W. Soil Sealing – the Looser by the European and World Economic Players  images_pdf_mod2
Gardi, C., Montanarella,L., Toth, G., Palmieri A.., Martino, L. The difficult assessment of soil sealing and land take in Europe  images_pdf_mod2
Mesic, M., Husnjak, S., Basic, F. Kisic, I. Excessive Soil Acidity as a Limiting Factor in Terms of Land Quality in Croatia  images_pdf_mod2
Szakálos-Mátyás, K., Vágvölgyi, A., Horváth, A.L. Utilization of average distressed area for aim of wood cropping  images_pdf_mod2
Walter Mayer Land use data service – a common interest (farmers, enterprises, governments and the environment)
Montanarella, L., Toth, G. and Jones, A. Soil component in the 2009 LUCAS survey  images_pdf_mod2
Tomor, T., Enyedi, P. and Ambrus, A. Developing a landuse model for bioenergy production for Gyöngyös small region  images_pdf_mod2
Csonka, B., Mikus, G., Martinovich, L., László, I., Csornai, G., Tikász, L., Kocsis, A., Bognár, E., Szekeres, Á., Tóth, G.L., Polgár, J., Katona, Z. Introduction of two GIS-based applications supporting area-based agricultural subsidies in Hungary (LPIS and VINGIS)  images_pdf_mod2
Stefan Niemeyer Agricultural modelling activities and their application at European scale  images_pdf_mod2
Brown, I., Poggio, L., Gimona, A., Castelazzi M. Land Capability Classification to Plan for a Changing Climate  images_pdf_mod2
Tóth, G., Bódis, K., Ivits, É., Máté, F., Montanarella L. Productivity component of the proposed new European Agri-Environmental Soil Quality indicator  images_pdf_mod2
Kismányoky T. and Hermann T. Site productivity of the different soil types in Hungary  images_pdf_mod2
Andersson-Sköld, Y., Bardos, P., Crutu, Gh., Enell, A., Georgescu, P.D., Hoppenbrouwers, M., Track, T., Vanheusden, B., Wagelmans, M., Witters, N. Rejuvenate – biomass on marginal land
Angel Lopez INSPIRE – the interoperability of spatial data sets
Van Liedekerke, M. and Panagos P. The European Soil Data Centre and the Process of INSPIRE Data Specification for the Annex-III theme SOIL  images_pdf_mod2
Dobos, E., et al. The eContentplus-Project „GS SOIL” Assessment and strategic development of INSPIRE compliant Geodata – Services for European Soils
Szűcs, I., Fekete-Farkas, M., Tóth-Naár, Zs., Balyi, Zs., Vinogradov, S. Economic land evaluation – a novel approach  images_pdf_mod2
Olarieta, J.R. Land evaluation: towards an ecological economics of soils  images_pdf_mod2
Tzellou Angeliki, G. Bilas, T. Alexandridis, N. Karapetsas, Anastasia Sotiropoulou, N. Silleos, and N. Misopolinos Qualitative land suitability evaluation for maize (Zea mays L.) and wheat (Triticum spp. L.) crops using GIS: A case study in the Region of East-Macedonia and Thrace, Greece  images_pdf_mod2
Bakhlaeva_Egorova O., Nikolskii-Gavrilov I., Mejia-Saenz E. Assessment of annual irrigation applications taking into account long term soil protection  images_pdf_mod2
Andras Hervai Regional Landscape Ecology Analysis in Hungary with ESRI technologies  images_pdf_mod2
R. Hoffmann, T. Fábián, T. Hermann and B. Kovács Estimation possibilities of grassland production with a new system of land quality and land use in Hungary  images_pdf_mod2
Eva Ivits and Michael Cherlet Farmland bird indicators of land and ecosystem quality assessed by remote sensing  images_pdf_mod2
Katalin Juhos, Panna Sepsi, Márta Ladányi, István Aszalos, László Tokei Soil and climatic risks investigation of field production on farms  images_pdf_mod2
Rita Atieno Juma, István Sisák, Tamás Pocze and Gábor Kunics Application of Digital Soil Mapping Techniques to Refine Soil Map of Baringo District, Rift Valley Province, Kenya  images_pdf_mod2
Tambet Kikas and Tiina Köster Identification of high nature value farming in Estonia  images_pdf_mod2
Mihály Kocsis, András Makó, Tamás Pocze, István Sisák, Andrea Farsang and Attila Dunai Country-scale and variation level estimation of the hungarian soils’ fertility  images_pdf_mod2
Nikolskii-Gavrilov I., Bakhlaeva_Egorova O., Mejia-Saenz E. Soil fertility alteration due to global warming during the 21st century  images_pdf_mod2
Tihomir Predic, Gregor Pocivavcek, Petra Nikic Nauth, Rade Lukic, Bukalo Esad, Damir Behlulovic, Marijo Leko, Melisa Ljusa, Stojanka Miljkovic Establishing of the area frame sampling system and survey techniques for agricultural statistics purpose  images_pdf_mod2
István Sisák and Tamás Pocze Method development to compile high resolution soil physical data for the watershed of Lake Balaton  images_pdf_mod2
I. Waltner, A. Gál, E. Fulajtar, E. Dobos, P. Holndonner, Cs. Centeri, L. Pásztor, J. Berényi-Üveges, L. Szabó, E. Michéli Requirements for soil information in Hungary – a survey by the GS Soil project  images_pdf_mod2