Publication format


Extended abstracts to book of proceedings of maximum 4 pages should be submitted electronically using MS World version 6.0 (or newer) via conference website according to the following format.

Only English language papers are considered for publication.

Template is available from here.

Paper size: custom size (width-17cm; high-24cm)

Margins: top-2,25 bottom-2,25 left-2,1 right-2,1 gutter-1,25

Letter size: -title-12 (bold, centred); below authors(s)-11 (bold, italics, centred); text-11 (justified), Times New Roman

Chapters: without numbering, title of chapters : size 11, bold, centred

Subchapter: without numbering, title of chapters : size 11, bold, italics, aligned left

Formatting: justified, Indentation: left-0, right-0, special-first line, by-1cm

Spacing: before-12pt, after-12pt, line spacing: single

List of references: in the text: author (small letter), year; in reference list: author (small letter), year, title of publication, place of publication, page number

Instruction for poster preparation

  • Electronic presentation of posters are planned within a special poster session, including brief explanation by the authors (max 5 minutes).
  • Please print and bring your own poster by the max. size of 90 x 120 cm (vertical/portrait) which will be set up during the whole conference event.